< Ismara - produzione abbigliamento femminile

ISMARA's "heads and hands" overlap, help each other, discuss and sometimes argue.

There is Mara who draws, cuts, counts and tells Stefano what to do. He calls customers, visits fairs, tells Mara what to do and then He calls Nicola who answers from the Milan's shop telling that He has just finished the new shop window and a blue-jeans dress can not miss there. He thinks about monobrands of Biella, Moneglia, Carloforte and He believes his is the most beautiful.

There is Valentina who cuts fabrics, helps Martina, Arianna and Valentina to sew them and Laura ironing them. Then all together, without Stefano but with Viviana, draw the models. Viviana also draws with the computer program and not only with the pencil; she also waters plants and tells Mara and Stefano that it would be necessary to...