A fully artisanal process

Two people, a small shop, lots of fabrics and private customers. A purely artisan process

Sartoria Ismara was founded in Milan in 2005 as a “made-to-measure” tailor’s shop.

The evolution began in 2010 when the first women’s ready-to-wear collection was created; eleven models were presented to the Sartoria’s customers under the name “Primiundici”. The pieces are liked and the good reaction gives the right boost; it is decided to abandon made-to-measure to focus on prêt-à-porter, thus starting the first collaborations with multi-brand shops.

Today, Sartoria Ismara is an independent reality straddling craftsmanship and enterprise which directly takes care of every stage of its activity. Careful of the environmental impact it generates, it uses natural, certified organic fibers for its dedicated line or fabrics from up-cycling circuits.


We care about every detail

Flexibility is the key concept in our production. Every order is the order for us: we are always ready to sew, unsew and search for the right shade to get where you asked. We willingly move away from the concept of pre-packaged stock and hope that the essence of tailoring is perceived in each of our garments.

At Sartoria Ismara, heads and hands overlap, help each other and sometimes argue

There is Mara who designs, cuts, does the counting and tells Stefano what to do. Then Stefano, together with Manuele, calls customers, visits the fairs and tells Mara what to do. Later he phones Barbara who answers him from the shop in Carloforte, in southern Sardinia, and tells him that she has redone the shop window and that the new collection is beautiful.

Then there is Valentina who cuts the fabrics, helps Viviana and Valentina to sew them and finally she helps Laura to iron them. And all together, except Stefano and Manuele, they design the patterns. Then Stefano, when he is not dealing with invoices, tidies up the warehouse, “puts things in order” and tells Mara what is needed.