F/W 2023.2024

In the muffled atmosphere of winter, with the calm hidden beneath the thin layer of snow covering the forests and frozen lakes that turn into silent mirrors, everything seems still and hushed; but beneath the surface, nature is in motion: snowdrops peek through the frost, and the wind draws soft shapes on the blanket of snow.

From the concept of hidden movement, the Fall/Winter 2023/2024 collection is born, in which, concealed by a minimal and linear appearance, the sinuosity of fabrics and the alternation of forms chase each other from reference to reference.

F/W 2022-2023

The F/W 2022-2023 collection is dominated by clean and simple lines with the aim of bringing out the concept of tailoring in its purity.  

S/S 2022

The S/S 2022 collection is fresh and jaunty with garments designed for all occasions and made of lightweight and practical materials so you don’t have to give up style even in the hottest of seasons.

F/W 2021-2022

The F/W 2021-2022 collection is contemporary, dominated by dark tones and character where fabrics play a central role in enriching each item.

S/S 2021

The S/S 2021 collection is young and dominated by shades of blue. Each piece is designed to make everyday life comfortable.